Audition FAQs

We’re so thrilled you’re considering auditioning at Springfield Little Theatre. We hope this information will answer any questions you might have, and help make your audition a success!

What should I bring to the audition?

You will want to bring your music (if you’re auditioning for a musical), appropriate footwear, and a water-bottle. Your calendar is helpful, too, because you will need to list any and all conflicts between auditions and the show’s closing. For plays, you will not need to have music prepared.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable, and in which you look presentable. We will occasionally do a dance/movement call at the audition, so make sure you can move freely. If you have jazz shoes, bring them. However, there is no need to purchase dance shoes just for an audition. Please do not dress like a character from the show. Again, it limits how the directors see you.

What kind of song should I sing?

For most musicals, it’s best to sing a musical theatre song in the style of the show. For example, if you’re auditioning for The King & I, something by Rogers & Hammerstein would be appropriate. If the show were Chicago, you’d probably want to sing something that is more of a jazz or big band style.

Should I sing a song from the show for which I’m auditioning?

No. Doing so causes the director to envision you only as that character, which can hurt your chances of being cast. You might actually be more suited for another part. For shows with a unique style of music, the director may want to hear people sing from the show. If that’s the case, it will be posted on the website.

Can I audition for a specific role only?

Yes and no. Our first round of auditions are “general auditions.” That means directors will not ask you to read or sing from the production until callbacks (unless it’s a play). However, on your audition form there’s a space to check if you’ll only accept certain roles. Please note, though, just because you select a certain role, you will not necessarily be asked to read for it.

How should I bring my music?

The best way to bring your music is in a binder. Books tend to close while the accompanist plays, and taped or loose sheets can fall off the music stand. Also, please make sure you clearly mark where you want to begin and end your selection on the sheet music.

What do I do when they call my name?

Usually, we will have a small line form near the accompanist. When the person before you has finished, give your music to the accompanist and indicate on the music where you’d like to start and stop. It also helps to let him or her know at what tempo you’ll sing. Finally, step confidently to the audition area, and say your name and song title.

How long should my audition song last?

Auditions should not exceed one minute.

How long does is the audition process?

It’s hard to say. At the initial auditions, you are usually dismissed after you sing. So, you could be there anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. Callback times will vary from show to show.

What is a callback?

A callback is the second round of auditions in which the creative team has people dance, sing, and read from the show. After they have seen what they need at callbacks, they will develop the cast list.

When and where are callback and cast lists posted?

The callback list is posted by noon on Wednesday, and callbacks are held that night. The cast list is posted by noon the following day. Both lists are posted on the SLT website, the doors of the Landers Theatre, and on the Springfield Little Theatre Facebook page.

If my name is not on the callback list, does that mean I wasn’t cast?

Not necessarily. Please check the cast list regardless of whether or not you received a callback.

What do I do if I am not cast?

Accept it gracefully, and consider it a learning experience. In the performance world, people hear “no” more frequently than they hear “yes.” Just keep auditioning. Also, SLT offers a variety of educational opportunities to help singers, actors, and dancers develop their skills.

As always, please check out our Audition Workshops. They will give you a jump-start on the audition process! Even if you’ve auditioned before, these are still very helpful!