SLT Education Angels

The Springfield Little Theatre Education Angels

A booster club for the SLT Education program

sltangelsMission: To provide volunteer and financial support to the efforts of the Springfield Little Theatre Education Program

Members: All parents, relatives, friends, and supporters are invited—anyone who is interested in extra special volunteer efforts and/or fundraising to enhance the educational offerings/youth experiences at LT!

Membership Dues: $35 Annual Membership for active Angels

Guardian Angels: If you would like to contribute to the SLT Education Program, but are unable to volunteer your time, you can sign up to be a Guardian Angel and make a gift of $50 to the SLT Education Program.

Archangel:  If you would like to provide the seed money for an education special event or underwrite a graduating senior scholarship, you can ascend as a SLT Archangel with a gift of $500

Click here for Angel Membership Form

Angel Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Flower Sales at Performances
  • Education Prelude Events—pre-performance parties for pipsqueaks
  • Raising community awareness—helping to man informational booths at community events
  • Backstage Pass—serving as a “tour guide”
  • Birthday Parties—set up and assisting with hosting
  • Troupe Holiday Party—organization, decorations, food, entertainment, gifts, etc.
  • Education Series of Shows
  • Youthfest Talent Showcase—ad sales
  • Hosting troupe mixers—end of the year party, etc.
  • Fundraising for SLT Education
  • Education Special Events
  • And more—Angels answer the call!!!!
What you are supporting by being an Angel:
  • Scholarships for kids who would otherwise be unable to afford classes, workshops, troupe tuition
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors pursuing higher education in the arts or giving it a go in the world
  • Enhanced experiences for troupers—possible group trip to see live theatre, bonding opportunities, acknowledgements/thank you gifts, guest artist workshops and professional master classes
  • Helping to provide for some of the unbudgeted needs of the Education Program—functional keyboard in every space, stereo systems that fall apart, binders, cd’s, ballet barres, mirrors on the 3rd floor, I-pads for boutique processing, new computer for video presentations, special extra’s for education special events and volunteer recognition, etc.
  • Helping to potentially make possible the purchase of some “wish list” items
Monthly Volunteer Sessions:

Regular Angel volunteer and social sessions will be held on the 1st Tuesday of every month and the 3rd Thursday of every month from 4-6 p.m.

Dates of Interest:

2015-2016 Angel Mixer at Lorianne’s Home:
Thursday, July 23, 5:30 p.m.—Burgers and Pool Time!

2015-2016 Angel Playbill Photo:

Thursday, August 20, 5:00 p.m.


Facebook Group: Springfield Little Theatre Education Angels


Lorianne’s Phone Number:  417-869-3869 x21 or 417-234-8001



Click here for Angel Membership Form



Front Row: (Left to right) Lorianne Dunn, Krystal Simon, Michelle Nichols, Reja Spaeny, Jessica Blair, Amy Stringer, Mary Maslak, Cindy Timson, Karen Richter, Sally Payne, Alia Lee
Second Row: Mallory Maggi, Mary Brooks, Melanie Weiler, Tara Horton, Tammie Cortezz,
Dana Mirowski, Tracy Mercer, Melody Wasson, Lori Harmon, Cindy Beach, Marty Chaney
Third Row: Tania Smith, Anna Leininger, Bethany Brown, LeAnn Eppard, Angie Carroll,
Joanna Knudsen, Renee Schimmer
Fourth Row: Melissa Bartkowiak, Christi Diehl, Blanca Mallonee, Tonya Forbes, Carolann Leo,
Shannon Hobbs
Top Row: Gina Wyckoff, Nehal Kamel, Nancy Hall, Sarah Mauzey, Mark Mauzey, Andy Mallonee,
Beth Plaster, Jeff Plaster

Not Pictured: Kristin Wilkins, Michelle Lindsey, Kim Moore, Tamara Fusco, Mary Duff, Lisa Langston, Michelle Miller, Beverly Bossi, Kimberly Wilkins, Karen Frost, Steve Mirowski, Alisa Reum,
Linda Maggi, Aisha Ross