Congratulations to the new 2014-2015 Youth Performance Troupe members!  We are so excited to begin working with you!  If you were not placed in a troupe this year, we would be happy to recommend other educational and performance opportunities for you at Springfield Little Theatre!  We invite you to give us a call to discuss your goals.  Thank you so very much to everyone who auditioned.  We truly appreciate and commend your level of preparation.


The SLT Troupe Staff

Troupe playbill photos will be taken on stage this evening at 5:00 p.m.  Please wear all black and look pretty!  Find the SLT Youth Performance Troupes facebook group and request to join to see important posts with information and reminders!


Landers Lads

Austin Kentner

Brayden Stolp

Carson Spaeny

Cristian Caldwell

Killian Cox

Konnor Jordan

Luke NeSmith

Nate Popovich

Quinn DeSilva

Will Oliver

Xander Fuller


Landers Kids

Ava Caron

Elizabeth Enos

Gracen Miller

Gracie Gabriel

Isabella Wilkins

Katelyn Wilkins

Mary Wilkins

Megan McNeilis

Meygan Smith

Olivia Simon

Paige Horton

Sophia Bradshaw

Tessa Eichenberger


Young Artists

Denna Langston

Elana Hadi

Elizabeth Finke

Elizabeth Swords

Ella Mauzey

Haley Mallonee

Kaitlyn Brady

Madeline Callahan

Mia DeSilva

Myleigh Swanson

Renee Elkady



Abigail Weiler

Alex Knudsen

Andrew Boehne

Andrew Wilson

Ashley Mallonee

Caprice Spaeny

Clayton Cox

Eli Andrews

Emily Eppard

Ford Mirowski

Hope Horton

Jackson Blair

Joseph Bartkowiak

Kahlan Langston

Kathryn Hammock

Kayla Lindsey

Lauren Hulsebus

Megan Butler

Michael Schimmer

Rachel Harvey

Ripken Russell

Sebastien Fuller

Sophie Jenkins


Youth Players

Ashlyn Darling

Carson Moore

Cassidy Diehl

Clayton Kettelkamp

Darby Vincent

Emme Mauzey

Harper Brady

Helen Beisswenger

Izzy Eiserman

Kaira Plaster

Katie Harmon

Lonni Hall

Madeline Popovich

Micah Williams

Noah Brous

Sophie Payne

Victoria Wilson

Zealon Gentry-Lear

Zoe Hamilton


Y.E.S. Troupe Freshman (J.V. Y.E.S. Troupe)

Abby Baird

Amber Eggimann

Braedan Hall

Carolyn Billingsley

Haley Havens

Hannah Askew

Heath Fusco

Jackson Salazar

Maceo Cortezz

Maddy Joplin

Madelyn Baum

Olivia Tyson

Parker Mauzey

Ruth Anne Chaney

Trent Goodwin


Y.E.S. Troupe Sophomores (J.V. Y.E.S. Troupe)

Adaira Reum

Anna Mercer

Aryn Bohannon

Caddie Timson

Cailee Spaeny

Emily Beach

Hanna Wubbena

Karlee Adler

Katie Beth Nichols

Kiana Ellis

Laura Frost

Madison Carroll

Maridan Chaney

Sarah Bossi

Terra Maslak

Tommie Hill

Valerie Buvat de Virginy


Y.E.S. Troupe Juniors (Varsity Y.E.S. Troupe)

Anna Marie Leo

Amanda Carpenter

Beau Palen

Brooke Hale

Colby Danner

Eli DePriest

Evy Bills

Grace Reding

Hannah Ceselski

Nick Shannon

Priscilla Schmitt

Roland Netzer

Taylor Haverstick


Y.E.S. Troupe Seniors (Varsity Y.E.S. Troupe)

Abby Mercer

Allison Tay

Cameron Rademacher

Cara Ellman

Claire Goodwin

Colton Taff

Haley Rolland

Hannah Duff

Joel Walley

Leah Eggimann

Natalie Frerking

Rachel Haik

Samuel Snodgrass

Troy Robertson