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Springfield Little Theatre has a 77 year history that has built a reputation of having productions that are adventurous, ambitious, provocative and intelligent. Our shows are not only embraced by over 60,000 annual audience members, but they are also praised by critics. Here’s a look at the media’s recent coverage of SLT…


Collins, Larry “New Springfield production of ‘Annie’ a fun mix of veterans, new talent
Springfield Newsleader 10 February 2012:

Our Town

Collins, Larry “‘Our Town’ stays true to Wilder’s simple goal” Springfield Newsleader 17 November 2011:|newswell|text|Life|p


Collins, Larry “”Hairspray’ stays with you after the curtain falls Springfield Newsleader 23 September 2011:

Johnston, Brett “The Statler’s Waldorf: Review of Hairspray” TAG Magazine 21 September 2011:

Johnston, Brett “A Statler’s Q&A: Beth Domann, director of Hairspray” TAG Magazine 16 September 2011:

Children of Eden

Collins, Larry “‘Eden’ immerses viewers in living, pilsating world” Springfield Newsleader 14 June 2011:

Johnston, Brett “The Statler’s Waldorf: Q&A w/ Brandon Compton, Children of Eden” TAG Magazine 7 June 2011:

The Foreigner
Norman, David. “The Statler’s Waldorf: Review of The Foreigner” TAG Magazine 11 May 2011:

Collins, Larry. “‘Foreigner’ picks up speed on its journey” Springfield News-Leader 9 May 2011:

Norman, David. “The Statler’s Waldorf: Review of Chicago” TAG Magazine 5 April 2011:

Collins, Larry. “SLT offers entertaining Chicago” Springfield News-Leader 5 April 2011:

Collins, Larry. “Stellar ‘CATS’ will make theatergoers purr” Springfield News-Leader 14 September 2010:

High School Musical 2

Lemmon, Nichole. “Top 9 reasons to see High School Musical 2 this weekend” 417 Mag 16 June 2010:

Collins, Larry. “High School Musical returns to Landers stage” Springfield News-Leader 16 June 2010:


Lemmon, Matt. “Reviewing: Curtains” 417 Magazine 14 May 2010:

Wunderle, Jim. “After 5: Killer of a Show.” Springfield Business Journal 10 May 2010:

Collins, Larry. “Ensemble gets chance to shine in ‘Curtains’.” Springfield News-Leader 4 May 2010:

The HOT L Baltimore

Collins, Larry. “‘Hot L Baltimore’ viewers must work for significance.” Springfield News-Leader 6 April 2010:

Clark, Sandy. “‘Hot L’ came at a turning point in playwright’s life’.” Springfield News-Leader 2 April 2010:

Clark, Sandy. “Playwright’s Ozarks roots show despite leaving at 18.” Springfield News-Leader 2 April 2010:


Collins, Larry. “‘Pinocchio’ inspired by original Collodi tales.” Springfield News-Leader 12 March 2010:

The King & I

Collins, Larry.  “Springfield Little Theatre’s ‘King and I’ is a pleasure to get to know.”  Springfield News-Leader 9 Feb. 2010:

Clark, Sandy.  “‘The King and I’ is one royal treat.”  Springfield News-Leader 4 Jan. 2010:–is-one-royal-treat

Literature to Life

“The Show Must Continue.” Springfield News-Leader 7 Nov. 2009: 

The Producers

Clark, Sandy.  “Over the top Producers puts Little Theatre to test.”  Springfield News-Leader 24 Sept. 2009:

Collins, Larry. “Extravagant ‘Producers’ fitting for Landers stage.”  Springfield News-Leader 2 Oct. 2009:

Lemmon, Matt. “Reviewing The Producers.”  GO Magazine 2 Oct. 2009:

Wackerly, Gary R. “The Producers Review.” 26 Sept. 2009:

Wunderle, Jim. ” Theatre Review:  Bawdy Off Broadway.”  Springfield Business Journal 5 Oct. 2009:


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