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Bethany served the Springfield Little Theatre Education Angels joyfully and enthusiastically, and is remembered by many to be among the first volunteers to welcome them to the theatre.  Her vibrant personality was one-of-a-kind and the twinkle in her eyes was unmatched.  Her special warmth and her love of the arts seemed to be exceeded only by her incredible love and admiration for her son, Wesley, now a senior member of SLT’s Y.E.S. Troupe.  Bethany’s heartfelt encouragement and unique zest will forever be a part of the legacy of the Landers.

The Bethany Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund has been created by the SLT Education Angels to support scholarships, particularly for single parents seeking assistance to provide opportunities in the arts for their children.

Donations can be made online or by check:


Please make check payable to Springfield Little Theatre and include “The Bethany Brown Memorial Scholarship” in the subject line.

Please mail your check to:

Springfield Little Theatre

311 E Walnut
Springfield, MO 65806

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