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  • When I was seven, someone took me to see Peter Pan there. It would have been the early 1990s. I still remember where we sat, and that’s where it all began.

    Andy Willadsen, High School Theatre Teacher
  • SLT has inspired me to be my best self, create a beautiful community and be the change I wish to see in the world. The training I have received has prepared me for any line of professional work I might venture into and I am so thankful for all the growth they have catalyzed in my life.

    Asa Charles Leininger, Life Trouper
  • I am so thankful for SLT. I believe in this theater, and what it does for our community.

    Missy Wade, Parent & Volunteer
  • I love helping with projects, meeting people and spending time with other families as we support our community theatre.

    Blanca Mallonee, Parent & Volunteer
  • SLT gave me confidence and skills that have continued to benefit me through college and the rest of my professional career.

    Sarah Jenkins, Life Trouper

Ticket sales only cover 44% of our expenses. Your support makes all the difference.